If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you.

Friday, August 19, 2011

One month remains..

Drill weekend GO AWAY ...
It is here again & I would be excited if it didn't remind me that I have very little time left here in Phoenix.

My heart is breaking I have one month left at home.

One month left to hold my little girl & give all the love I can to  my sweet man.
just ONE month left...

The depression comes and goes ...

Dressing up every day as girly and pretty as can be ... because for 10 weeks, I wont be able to shave, do my hair, look beautiful... It will be just me and my ACU's ,  combat boots, & my beloved sock bun...

Going to the cabin this weekend for my sister's birthday, but while we are there Alex, Ellie, & I are going to take one last family photo that I will have with me at boot camp & AIT

I will miss them so much, I know this to be true because... I haven't even left yet & I find myself already missing them. 

I am not scared of boot camp, I know I will kick some ass & have a  blast... the thing I'm most scared of is leaving my family behind. If there was anything I would seriously ask of you Alex while I am gone, Please write me... every day....Please.
Don't for get to take pictures of my angel every day & capture all her cute moments on film... I don't want to miss out on anything.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Haters will hate

Ok I read the most disgusting blog today...
So there I was ripping my Elton John CD to my computer to add it to my Itunes --> then to my Ipod
and I started thinking ... oh yea Elton John has a son! So I googled Elton John to see the cutie little pictures of his son( who is such a little celebrity HAM!) and I came a cross a cute picture that was posted in somone's blog.

This person ... Seriously makes me ill.
His whole entire blog post was so ANTI gay marriage and said the most hateful things about the gay community.
Some Christians are so ignorant ..

Homosexual or straight you should be free to LOVE and MARRY who you please...
This guy or gal was so hateful
Saying gays are an abomination... so on so forth the whole entire nine yards...
Well get this... Christian's who take the bible out of context seriously, don't have a logical thinking pattern.

First of all lets think about the time period when the bible was written... the meanings of words were different back then... so were the day to day living conditions, so on and so forth... to take something that was written so long ago and to seriously manipulate words is beyond me.

Second of all of all aren't Christians supposed to love one another ?Hating the gay community isn't LOVING ONE ANOTHER
Denying them rights ISN'T AN ACT OF LOVE
I doubt God would make someone Gay just so he could say "Oh well too bad your going to hell because I decided to make you this way and damn you"

Oh and when people say gay people are just confused they aren't really gay, this too pisses me off. seriously jackwads ... if your a straight person can you seriously explain why you are attracted to the opposite sex? No you can't you just are.. same for gay people... it's not like they woke up one day thinking .. " well I think I should be physically attracted to someone of the same sex, so i can be ridiculed, discriminated, and hated the rest of my life... "

I love the irony of being a christian ... I seriously do...
People like this seriously suck the joy right out of the air ...

Proposition 8 by the way was the most disgusting act of hatred I have ever seen.... Oh not to mention the mix of church and state? Uh oh! But its ok because THEY are gods messengers.


& I APOLOGIZE ON BEHALF OF THE IDIOTIC CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY WHO DENYS YOU THE RIGHT TO LOVE WHO YOU CHOOSE.. Trust me they are some sad individuals who have nothing but hate pulsing through their veins.

( And for all you out there who are offended by my blog post, I have a simple solution for you.... DON'T READ MY BLOG!!! & what I was getting to ... Not (lets make sure not is in a much larger font so I don't get accused of something insane) all Christians are anti- gay , but those who are... SHAME ON YOU! I hope someday you feel the pain of not being able to marry the person you love, or how about having that right striped from you!)

Elton John I LOVE you!
Sorry I had to vent ... this is such a touchy subject / personal subject  ... especially when people you love are being attacked .... it's hard to just let things slide... 

Its all about Ellie!

So Ellie turned the big ONE on August 3rd & we party hartied on August 6th.

 She totally pooped pink the next day !

Can you tell I'm trying to hide the massive piece of chicken in my mouth? I know, classy. 

 Her birthday theme was "whooo's turning one!?" all owls of course! & on her birthday Nana Nancy & Papa Don gave her the cutest little chair and owl pillow!
 Party favors!

 Some Flowers for my girl!
 Made her a birthday banner ... ugh it seriously took for ever & a day to make, but it was totally fun!
I probably should of fixed this photo before blogging it so you can see it right side up but oh well - any who I made her a magnet board with pictures of Ellie when she was a newborn.
I stayed up all night making her owl cup cakes and whoopie pies!
 Ellie giving baby Asher some love

Now here are some post birthday photos ...

 Ellie LOVES GLEE! Especially Curt ... he is a doll!
 Ellie passed out talking on the phone with Preston & Porter ! Thanks boys for the cute phone !
 My soldier girl!
 Pictures from Ellie's donut rampage on August 3rd! 

Here are some pictures of Ellie just being Ellie, the dirty house before the move, my sister's 20th birthday, & Ellie hiding inside Grandpa Gary's cabinets

I forgot to buy real candles so we used the smallest one we could find in the house.. Cant you tell Melissa hates taking pictures?

The End